Man on the moon, access denied

In a few weeks, it will be the 50th anniversary of men landing on the moon (conspiracy theorists who refuse to accept this, look away now, I’m a believer)

This amazing feat of human endeavour came about in less than a decade, with a young, charismatic US President John F Kennedy promising America and the world that it could be done.

So Neil Armstrong with his ‘small step for man, giant leap for mankind’ was a hopeful beacon of what humanity can achieve when it wants to.

At the risk of crashing down to Earth, I present you with Wymondham’s very own impossibility: the old chestnut of proper passenger access at Platform 2 of our Train Station.

Hardly the heights of moving among the stars and planets. But you know what, the lack of accessibility for disabled would-be passengers mean they might as well aim for the moon because safely navigating two sets of steep stairs to reach the platform is currently impossible. Ditto if you are a parent with a baby buggy, passenger with suitcases, cyclists with er..cycles.

This issue existed long before I came to Wymondham. It is said the local MP has been pushing for this issue to be resolved but so far to little success.

As a newbie District Councillor, I now have a seat at the table with those who discuss this topic whereas before I was denied. So a recent meeting with officers from South Norfolk brought me up to speed on the latest news.

And guess what. It all comes down to money. Quelle surprise.

We’re not talking about astronomical sums, we’re not reaching for the moon. The money involved is a sizeable Lottery win for the average person but to Network Rail, Greater Anglia and associated players in this scenario, it is small change.

Yet still there is no resolution. There is talk of applying for various pots of funding in the autumn, at the next round of cash coming round. But there are no guarantees.

I have jokingly said many times that it appeared easier to put Armstrong and his colleagues on the moon than to solve this issue.

But human nature being what it is, once a cause has been identified, there will eventually come a tipping point for action. And once small steps start to occur, there may eventually result in a giant leap forward for Wymondham’s Station’s facilities.

To be continued

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1 thought on “Man on the moon, access denied

  1. Well, getting open access to all who are currently denied it is hardly rocket science, is it? Oh…!


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