A marathon, not a sprint

Training for fulfilling our roles as District Councillors continues with two sessions within the last five days. South Norfolk House is beginning to feel like a second home.

As well as training, there have been other meetings with Council officers, the civil service of the council if you like, the people who actually implement the policies that councillors decide on. I will go into more detail about these meetings once we start to get to the heart of the issues I’m raising with them.

All this activity, which included a training session and a meeting at Broadland Council on my birthday, resulted in my grabbing a lovingly made sandwich by Lucy on the run. I was also hurrying along dinner before two council meetings on Tuesday. This prompted my colleague to suggest I should slow down, stop taking on more commitments and eat properly. I suspect this was tongue in cheek but as with all humour there is often an element of truth.

I was reflecting on this last night and while there is much to do, I have to remember the words of Lib Dem Baroness Lynne Featherstone who gave me a piece of advice: pick one cause and see it through.

Of course this kind of statement to a Gemini, who are notorious for half-finished projects, goes against how we usually operate. But she’s right.

When I was first elected to Town Council, it was a by-election win and I basically had 18 months to prove myself worthy of election again. I now have four years. Four years to address issues which cause my constituents concern. Four years to build a solid LibDem base in Wymondham. Four years to try to be innovative and inspiring.

So if they say a week is a long time in politics, four years must seem like an eternity. But I have to remind myself that this gig is not a sprint, it is a marathon.

Less Bolt and a lot more Mo.

To be continued…

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