Diving off the deep end

Yesterday my colleague Julian and me went to the District Council offices for some training on how to use our shiny new council owned iPads.

District appears to be a mainly paper free place with everything done in the (storage) cloud so to access anything you need this device (and no, you can’t watch Netflix or play CandyCrush)

While scrolling through the amount of ‘papers’ connected to our first meeting next Wednesday, I came across all the election results. Turned out LibDems came very close in a number of wards. I think our party has always punched above our weight and it’s encouraging that we were able to make gains.

For the stats folk among you, there were 67,283 votes cast which meant a turn-out of 35.19%. A bit low as those eligible to vote were 106,145. But local elections tend to feature low turn-outs.

Reading through all the documents, you start to realise the enormity of what you are tasked to do.

Is it daunting? Yes.

Steep learning curve? Definitely.

Afraid I’ve made a mistake in standing as a District councillor?


Game on.

To be continued

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