From ballot box to first council meeting

(l-r) Julian Halls, Dave Roberts, Annette James, Suzanne Nuri and Penny Hubble. Successful LibDems all.

MAY has been a bit of a blur so far (and I’m not referencing the beleaguered PM of the moment).

Days of leafleting my electoral patch as it were was followed by a day at the Polling Station (and thankfully dodging the heavy downpour when I went home to have lunch). When we showed up for the count at Long Stratton Leisure Centre on Friday 3rd May, I was starting to feel distinctly apprehensive and more than a bit queasy. Having worked so hard to convince Wymondham that it deserved better than the Tory majority led Town Council and District Councillors who were less than effective, here was the moment of truth. The proof of the pudding. The moment of reckoning.

Struggling to find a place to park up, nerves started to grab a hold and when I finally walked in at the Count, my colleague Julian Halls was already there to meet me and said ‘Hurry up, you’re streets ahead!’ I think I was in a state of shock as he said that and I must have looked like a bunny caught in headlamps.

As we took our places near the counting tables, you could feel the tension in the air. Nothing like seeing ballot papers with or indeed without a cross next to your name to make you question your sanity.

Amusing that there were many spoiled papers with BREXIT scrawled across them , especially as this was a local election. Those of us standing could do no more to alter the fate of Brexit than residents (though at the time of writing it appears Parliamentarians don’t know how to do it either)

Eventually results were being announced. And in due course, myself and Julian, along with those who had stood against us were summoned by the electoral officer in charge of announcements. I always wondered if political candidates on the podium were aware of the results before they were announced. Turns out, the Returning Officer calls the candidates into a little huddle when the result is revealed and then you step up onto the podium for the formal announcement.

Of course with the results of our election read out, our supporters – led by my Lucy – let out a big cheer and caused the Returning Officer to shoot them a hard stare.

I have to say I was beaming.

We were asked if we wanted to make a speech to which both me and Julian declined. I thought I didn’t want to get carried away with the occasion and make some mad promise (like to solve Brexit) and then look foolish when I couldn’t achieve it.

So as well as Julian and me winning at District, we also managed to get three new LibDems in at Town Council: Annette James, Penny Hubble and Dave Roberts. And mighty proud of them we were too.

So our first Town Council meeting was held this week, on Tuesday 14th May.

And what a tale that was.

To be continued…

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